Your Recycling Partner

High Value Return. Full Data Security. Simple Process.

Release Money Back Into Your Organisation

Contact us now to see how you can speed money into your organisation by partnering with us.

High Value Return

Quickly gain outstanding financial return for all of your equipment

Maximum value

You gain direct financial benefit from our ecosystem of trading partners, who have access to a natural market for refurbished electrical equipment


Our Customer Portal and responsive technical teams ensure all your jobs are efficiently processed

Individual Assessment

Each item is individually assessed so we can sell this to the best resale market

Simple, Secure Ordering and Management

Use our Customer Portal for seamless order placement & tracking, with access to essential reports and certifications, supported with account management

High Value for your Equipment

Access a natural market for refurbished electrical equipment through our close relationships with international partners and unblemished presence on broker sites.

Fast, Accurate Quotes

Request new job quotes, to receive a fast, accurate valuation and job profile

Simple, Secure Ordering and Management

Enjoy seamless order placement and tracking, via our Customer Portal

Access Full Reports

Access audit reports, sales reports, and payout values


Confidently view and download data wipe certificates for each job

Secure, Flexible Collections

Access fast, simple and flexible collections for each job from DPD Swap Boxes via our Customer Portal


Arrange your collection with DPD via our Customer Portal

Manage Your Collection

Each collection time can be agreed and managed online


DPD's Swap Box service provides the correct Packaging for each item

Data Security

Secure Your Data. Protect Your Reputation. Safeguard Your Client's Privacy.

Secure Data Handling

We use cutting-edge software to overwrite your data multiple times, making it virtually impossible to recover. Our software complies with recognized data erasure standards, such as NSCS, NIST and CESG, guaranteeing a secure process.


After the data erasure process is complete, we provide you with a certificate as proof that your data has been securely wiped. This certificate can be used for compliance reporting or to reassure your stakeholders of your commitment to data security.

Physical Destruction

For data-bearing devices that cannot be wiped electronically, we offer physical destruction services. This involves shredding or crushing the device, rendering the data completely irretrievable.

An Assured Service

Partners with our team, who have extensive experience in efficient assessment and data cleansing of electronic equipment.

Quality Control

Maintain full quality control for every item we process for you

Marketing Leading Systems

Your jobs are safeguarded through robust and well-designed systems which ensure our people are supported and guided in how the adhere to our processes

Continuous Investment

We have invested in the development of proprietary systems which streamline and reduce errors in how we assess and processing the electronic equipment for our customers.

Advice and Support

Protect and Safeguard your organisation by continually applying best practice in ethical disposal and recycling of mid and end of life IT equipment

Contacting Us

will respond to all contact within 4 working hours. Our working hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


Through our close partnership we will discuss ways to better support your customers, and through innovation, develop ways to differentiate for you.

Efficient and Effective

Our ongoing dialogue will continually evaluate current working practices. This will ensure we identify and how we can streamline our workflows, to continuously drive efficiencies into our operations.