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Welcome to Recycle Your Tec, supporting your needs for responsible IT equipment disposal and recycling solutions in the UK.

Why choose us?

Unlock the value of your old technology assets while reducing your environmental footprint and guaranteeing you’re meeting your data responsibilities. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures the secure and eco-friendly handling of your IT equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Our services

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures the secure and eco-friendly handling of your IT equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Secure Collections

Secure Collection of Redundant IT Equipment
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Certified Data Eradication

Secure Your Data, Protect Your Reputation and Your Clients privacy
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Refurbishment, Remarketing & Resale

Maximizing Return on Redundant IT Equipment
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Home User IT Collections

Securing the Future of Remote Work
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Data Centre Decommissioning

Precision, Security, and Reliability
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WEEE Recycling

Commitment to Zero-Landfill
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On-Site Services

Bringing our Expertise to You

Why choose us?

At Recycle Your Tec, we're more than just an IT recycling company. We're here to support you in sustainability and responsible IT asset management. Here's why companies across the UK trust us:

Value Maximisation

We help you extract the maximum value from your old IT assets through our skilled refurbishment and our longstanding e-commerce expertise and successful sales channels.


Data security is paramount. We employ the most certified data erasure software to protect your sensitive information. We also have the ability to physically destroy your data. All data eradication services can be performed both on and off site.


We're committed to reducing e-waste and minimizing our environmental impact. We can make a very real contribution to your organisation meeting it’s environmental responsibilities.


Our team comprises IT experts who can handle equipment of all makes and models. Our proprietary technology means we can quickly and efficiently provide you with an accurate and detailed asset inventory.


With years of experience in IT equipment management, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the industry. We will work closely with you to understand your true requirement and tailor the most appropriate service.

Ready to recycle your old IT equipment responsibly?

Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more about our services. Join the movement towards a sustainable IT future with Recycle Your Tec.